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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story? Instagram screenshot notification is a topic that everyone wonders about. Instagram launched Story feature in 2016. Users can upload an image or a video that lasts 24 hours. The feature allows people to share their daily life scenes, their thoughts, the music they like, etc., which helps everyone to connect with each other freely.

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Also, these Stories can be saved as Highlights on right below bio. Highlights are so popular that people save and classify them by giving titles to Stories of specific moments in their lives. It’s mostly added with Covers on Highlights. Check out How to Add Aesthetic Instagram Highlight Covers if you think your profile looks too simple and needs touch-ups.

Sometimes you may wonder if someone has screenshotted your story or has someone noticed yours. Is it possible on Instagram, just like when you capture a story on Snapchat and the other Snapchatter receive an alert?

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

No, it absolutely doesn’t notify it currently. There will be no alert or a sign that you screenshot someone’s Story, and you cannot see it if someone screenshot yours, too. You can hide your Story from certain people if you worry about someone screenshotting it without you knowing.

Plus, no one notices when you screenshot anything else on the platform, including posts, reels, captions, etc.

instagram screenshot notification

When Does a Screenshot Get Notified on Instagram?

Instagram screenshot notification happens when you screenshot a disappearing photo or video someone sends in your DMs. It sends an alert only if it is a disappearing content in DMs.

Instagram launched Vanish Mood in 2020, which is disappearing mode in DMs. Messages, photos, or videos that are seen disappear when you close the chat. To use it, swipe up in a DM and release your finger. When you switch to the mode, the other person will notify it. If the person you’re texting with uses this mode, there is a warning that says “[User’s name] turned on vanish mode”. Anything screenshotted will be notified in this mode.