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📢 New App!

We’ve just finished working on a new app, that we’re excited to share with you.
This tool is called MonoL.ink

MonoL.ink is an advanced social link management application that will help organize your traffic towards your brand or projects MVP assets. You’ll also now be able to learn more about your audience through useful analytics of each individual MonoL.ink you create.

MonoL.ink is an app that is part our next gen platforms eco-system.
More on the next gen platform below.

To learn more and get started with your first Monol.ink click here


💣Next Gen Platform?

For the past year and a half, we’ve been developing a whole new system in parallel to the current version of Heropost.

During this time we’ve adopted a user focused approach and amassed large amounts of user feedback.
With valuable user feedback, we’ve been able to develop what we understand will be the most accessible and productive vehicle for social media influence.

Current Lifetime users of Heropost will be entitled to access the next gen platform’s social media management app. This will be exclusively valid only for users that sign up before Full Launch.


We plan to make this year an eventful one with multiple launches to various apps within the next gen eco system.

MonoL.ink is the first app we’ve released as part of the next gen platform’s ecosystem.


In the coming weeks and months, we’ll gradually share more info about the new platform, as well as beta access to the next gen social media management app.


For now, please check out MonoL.ink