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Quick Start Guide

What is Heropost?

In short, Heropost is a powerful multi-use social media management tool.
Heropost aims at helping you save time and improve your productivity on social media with a number of empowering tools and metrics.

How to add a social profile?

Easily add your social profiles to Heropost by following the steps below: 

  1. Navigate to the “Social Profiles” page on your dashboard

  2. Choose the type of social profile you would like to add.
    Note: in your browser you need to be logged into the social profile you are adding.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions, and ensure to allow the requested permissions (where applicable)
  4. Once you’re redirected back to Heropost, you’ll find your Profile among the others on your “Social Profiles” page
    Note: Our Manager Package allows adding 2 profiles per social media site and our Pro Package is unlimited.

How to generate content?

Create posts and save time on generating content by searching for media or reusing your recent posts.

3.1 Create new post 

Navigate to creating a new post in terms of selected social network

Note: to post on multiple social networks go to “Publish all” page


  1. Fill in the “New Post” form. First, choose the type of postUpload media using one of the following options: 
    • file manager (see “How to manage media with Heropost”)
    • your device
    • Google Drive
    • Dropbox 
    • enter media url / Instagram link
    • click on “Load post” icon to reuse one of your recent posts and chose one of the posts from the list
  1. OR use ”Search Media” feature (see the guidelines below)
  2. Create caption or upload a saved one (See “How to use post captions with Heropost?”)
  3. Choose advanced options where applicable.
    For the social networks below you will have the following possibilities in “Advanced options” section:
    -Instagram: adding location, user tag, first comment (first comment will be added from the account you are posting from)
    -Pinterest: adding link
    -Google My Business: adding Call To Action, link
  4. Select social profile(s) you would like to post from

  5. Click “Post now” or “Schedule” (see “How to schedule a post?)
  6. To see your published post, go to the “Schedules” page and click “Published”

3.2 Search Media

  1. On the “New Post” page click on click on “Search Media”
  2. After typing a search request choose search option & type of content, and initiate searching. Here is the list of search options which are currently available on Heropost:
    – IG Hashtag (Images & Videos)
    – IG Location (Images & Videos)
    – IG User (Images & Videos)
    – Pixabay (Images/Videos)
    – Unsplash (Images – Portrait/Landscape/Squarish)Note: to initiate search with another search option click on it, then click on search field and trigger searching.
  3. Well done! Now you can use search results for generating your own content. Here is what you can do:
    Hover over the image/video to view the number of likes, comments and caption.
    a) click on “eye” icon to enlarge a post/picture
    b) copy image to your Post Editor
    c) copy all to your Post Editor
  4. Edit your post

  5. Choose social profiles to post from, then click “Post now” or “Schedule” (see “How to schedule a post?)

How to schedule a post?

  1. Navigate to creating a new post
  2. Click on “Schedule”
  3. After filling in the New Post form, set time, frequency* and the date until which the repost should be made. Click “Schedule”
    *Frequency shows on which day your post will be reposted (f.e. selecting “3” means that your post will be reposted every 3rd day)
  4. You will see your scheduled post on your “Schedules” page

Overview of Heropost schedules

Stay on top of your social media plan with your posting calendar.

  1. Navigate to the “Schedules” page
  2. To view your scheduled posts, click on “Queue”.
  3. Click on the date to see the list of posts scheduled for a particular day. Note:
    • you can search by the name of your social profile to find a particular post.
    • click on “Accounts” to filter by the selected account
    • click on “Schedules of” to filter by the selected type of post with regard to each social network (post/livestream)
  4. Click “More options” icon to edit or delete your post
  5. To view your Published posts, click on “Published”
  6. Can’t find your published post? Click “Unpublished” to see if any error might have occurred
  7. Navigate to creating a new post by clicking on “Add” icon.
  8. Need to delete a Schedule? Here is how you can do it:
    1. choose Schedule type
    2. choose category
    3. Click delete and confirm your action
  9. View Schedules History and notifications about your posts by clicking on “Clock” icon next to your Heropost account menu.
    Stay up to date with the status of your posts and use the “More options” icon for editing or deleting.
  10. Stay up to date with the status of your posts and use the “More options” icon for editing or deleting.

How to manage media with Heropost?

Upload, edit and use your media files whenever you want with Heropost!

  1. Navigate to the “Media files” page. Media files that you upload to Heropost or use while creating posts will be displayed here
  2. Upload new file from your desktop/Google Drive/Dropbox or via media url*Note: 
    • Use search to easily find the media file you need (file needs to contain keyword in its title)
    • Filter by the type of media file (image/video)
    • Click on a media file to expand it

    * Supported file formats: 

    • photo/image: jpg, gif, png, jpeg;
    • video: mp4, mov, avi, 3gp, wmv, flv, webm, m4v.
  3. Click on “Edit” icon to adjust the image according to your preferences and remember to save the changes after editing
  4. To delete a media file select it, click on “Delete” icon and confirm deleting
  5. To manage your space efficiently check out the used and available space in “Media info” section
  6. Add uploaded media files to your posts by clicking on “File Manager” in the “New Post” form

How to use post captions with Heropost?

Create and save your post captions to make your social media management more effective.

  1. Navigate to “Post Captions” page
  2. Click on “Add New”
  3. Create a caption and click “Submit”. The new caption will appear on the “Post Captions” page
  4. Use “More options” button to Edit or Delete your caption
  5. Navigate to creating a new post
  6. Click on “Get caption” icon to choose from your List of captionsNote: you can also create a new caption and save it by clicking on “Save caption” icon. The saved caption will be added to your List of captions and will be available for editing/deletion on “Post Captions” page

How to add a watermark?

Add a watermark to your images in 4 easy steps!

      1. Navigate to the “Watermark” page
      2. Choose a social profile for which you would like to create a watermark or select “Default watermark”. Search by profile name to quickly find the social profile you need.Note: Default watermark will be applied to all images that you will post from all your social profiles, if no watermark for the specific social profile was created.
      3. Upload an image from your device
      4. Configure the position, size and transparency of the watermark and click “Save”Congratulations! From now on your watermark will be added to all images that you will post from the respective social profile.
        Note: to change a watermark, just upload a new picture, adjust its position, size and transparency according to your preferences and click “Save” (your old watermark will not be saved).

How to create a posting group?

Save your time by creating a group of social profiles for posting! This feature will allow you to preselect social profiles of the same or different social networks while making a post.

      1. Navigate to the “Posting Groups” page
      2. To create a posting group, click “Add New”
      3. Create a Group name and add social profiles to the group by dragging and dropping them to the “Selected accounts” column (drag to the left column to unselect)
      4. Click “Save” to create the group
      5. To post to the group go to the “Publish all” page, click on “Groups” icon and choose the posting group.
      6. You will see a check mark next to the social profiles which belong to the selected posting group, feel free to add more/unselect if necessary!
        Note: The changes to the list of selected social profiles on the “Publish all” page will apply to the post you are creating at the moment. To add/remove social profiles of the particular group go to the “Posting Groups” page